Enjoy a Perfect Day in Zagreb

Croatia’s political and cultural heart, Zagreb is the country’s capital and a thriving and energetic city, which hosts some of its top (and quirkiest) museums, shopping, dining, and cafe culture. Zagreb’s city center has two main sections: Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town). Gornji Grad is where you’ll discover Zagreb’s cathedral and parliament building, while Donji Grad is known for its world-class museums and is home to the Croatian National Theatre.

The splendid cobblestone streets and red-tiled roofs of the buildings in medieval Gornji Grad, Zagreb’s Upper Town, make for a beautiful place to begin a sightseeing tour of Zagreb. Once two separate towns known as Kaptol and Gradec, Gornji Grad is home to many of the city’s most visited tourist attractions, including the cathedral, parliament building, and numerous museums and churches.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Upper Town is St. Mark’s Church, easily recognizable by the brightly colored tile roof bearing the coats of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Zagreb City. Be sure to also pop inside for a look at the stunning interior with its famous statues.

Make sure to stroll along Upper Town’s most famous street, the colorful Tkalciceva Street, which is filled with sidewalk cafes and restaurants, as well as boutiques. Other highlights include Kaptol Square, notable for its many early 17th-century buildings, and the Dolac fruit and vegetable market.

An elegant square lined with grand 19th-century buildings, Ban Jelačić  Square is a great spot to feel the city’s pulse. It often plays host to fairs and performances, as well as locals chatting under the sculpture of Ban Josip Jelačić or the towering clock just a stone’s throw away. Make your wish come true by throwing a coin into the Manduševac fountain, which is built around an ancient spring, then stroll through the historic Harmica passageway that leads to Dolac Market, where tolls were collected in the 18th century.

Designed in the style of an old English garden, Maksimir Park is a beautiful green space encompassing almost 45 acres. The largest park in Zagreb, it  also boasts many excellent paths and trails, as well as manmade lakes, wooded areas, and flower gardens, making it a great place to relax or have a picnic. For those traveling with youngsters, there’s also a small zoo.

Built in 1895 the Croatian National Theatre sits at the northwest corner of Zagreb’s “Green Horseshoe” in Donji Grad. Officially opened in 1894 by Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I, this imposing yellow structure in Trg Marsala is a landmark feature in the Lower Town.

Zagreb Cathedral is famous for its two ornately decorated spires, the present cathedral was built in the later half of the 13th century, although many alterations and renovations have been made since that have changed the structure dramatically. Most recently, the earthquake of 1880 destroyed large sections.  Be sure to also visit the cathedral treasury with its many fine works of religious art, garments, and sacred objects.

Zagreb has some of the best accommodations and dining Croatia has to offer.  

Choose from one of many beautiful rental options or stay at a luxury world class resort.  The Esplanade Zagreb, Amadria Park Hotel and Hotel Dubrovnik are just a few of the standout properties in Zagreb.

And for dining, enjoy a casual meal at Capuciner or La Struk featuring traditional Croatian cuisine at reasonable prices. And for dinner splurge on world class dining at Restaurant Zagreb, Vinodol, Stara Vura, Zinfandel Restaurant or Dubravkin Put all with exceptional local cuisine.

End your evening with a stroll on one of the many cobblestone line streets and enjoy a glass of Croatian wine and gelato, and take in some live impromptu music at one of Split’s many cozy restaurants and romantic outdoor seating spots.

All In all Zagreb has it all for your Perfect Days in Croatia!