PerfectDaysCroatia  is an innovative new media platform, designed to be a “one stop”  travel site dedicated exclusively to Croatia. It features a comprehensive website and a 24/7 streaming video & youtube channel. It provides the American tourist everything that they need to plan their perfect Croatian Vacation before they arrive, and gives the advertiser a new way to reach and tap into the American tourist market. 
Tihana Skaricic, aka Dr.T. – Brand Ambassador, has always wanted to find a new and creative way to promote her beautiful country to more Americans.  
Bill Hershy – Director of Marketing, with 20+ yrs in media, travel & hospitality marketing. He travelled to Croatia and fell in love with its beauty, approached Dr.T. with this idea and she felt it to be a perfect fit. 
Patty Sue Salvador – Executive Producer 
Corina Bakke ( Rokstar Studios ) – Website and Video Designer  
Krešimir Jurak (Smartera Solutions) – Digital Marketing Manager
Together in a collaborative effort, it is our goal to bring the beauty of Croatia to more Americans and to bring more Americans to Croatia!