Enjoy a Perfect Day in Dubrovnik

Visiting Dubrovnik may well be the highlight of your Croatian vacation. The “pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a place of jaw-dropping beauty.  With massive walls punctuated with turrets, towers and gates enclosing streets, churches and palaces packed with art treasures, you’ll never run out of things to see and do.  Dubrovnik is famous for its medieval Old Town, ancient city walls, stunning landscapes, and more recently for being one of the filming sets of Game of Thrones.

Running through the center of the Old Town, Stradun is the beautiful main street where you can shop for souvenirs, enjoy an ice cream at a sidewalk café or join the locals for the traditional evening stroll. Many of the city’s monuments are located on the Stradun too, including the landmark 15th-century bell tower at the end of the Stradun in Luža Square.  https://split.gg/dubrovnik-stradun/

Walking along the top of the city’s medieval walls is a highlight of any stay in Dubrovnik. The walls encircle the entire Old Town quarter and take at least an hour to explore. Fans of the TV series “Game of Thrones” will recognize sections used as settings for the show’s capital city of King’s Landing.  The city walls are an awesome sight in their own right, but the views that they offer of the town, the harbor and of the Adriatic Sea are simply spectacular.   https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/dubrovnik-city-walls/

Srd Taking the cable car to the top of Mount Srd is a must do experience! From the top of this 412m-high hill, Dubrovnik’s old town looks even more surreal than usual. The views take in all of Dubrovnik and Lokrum, with the Elafiti Islands filling the horizon. It’s this extraordinary vantage point that made Srđ a key battleground during the 1990s war.  https://www.croatiatraveller.com/southern_dalmatia/Dubrovnik/Srd-CableCar.html

One of the few buildings in the old town to survive the 1667 earthquake, the Sponza Palace was built from 1516 to 1522 as a customs house, and it has subsequently been used as a mint, treasury, armoury and bank. Architecturally it’s a mixture of styles beginning with an exquisite Renaissance portico resting on six Corinthian columns. The 1st floor has late-Gothic windows and the 2nd-floor windows are in a Renaissance style, with an alcove containing a statue of St Blaise.  https://www.dubrovnik-travel.net/sponza/

St Blaise gazes down from the walls of this large free-standing fortress, Fort Lawrence is constructed atop a 37m-high promontory adjacent to the old town. There’s not a lot inside, but the battlements offer wonderful views over the old town and its large courtyard is often used as a venue for summer theatre and concerts.  https://www.croatiatraveller.com/southern_dalmatia/Dubrovnik/Lovrijenac.html

One of Dubrovnik’s most famous landmarks, Onofrio fountain was built in 1438 Originally the fountain was adorned with sculptures, but it was heavily damaged in the 1667 earthquake and only 16 carved masks remain, with their mouths dribbling drinkable water into a drainage pool. Its sibling, the ornate Little Onofrio Fountain, is in Luža Sq at the other end of Stradun. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/croatia/dubrovnik/attractions/large-onofrio-fountain/a/poi-sig/1020896/358783

Dubrovnik has some of the best accommodations and dining Croatia has to offer.  

Choose from one of many beautiful seaside rental options or stay at a luxury world class resort.  The Pucic Palace, Villa Orsula, Hotel Excelsior, Hilton Imperial and Villa Argentina are just a few of the standout properties in Dubrovnik.

And for dining, start you day off with wonderful pancakes at Dolce Vita, enjoy a casual lunch at Lokanda featuring traditional Croatian cuisine at reasonable prices. And for dinner splurge on world class dining at Nautika, Dubravka, Sesame Restaurant, or Restaurant 360.

End your evening with a stroll on one of the many limestone line streets and enjoy a glass of Croatian wine and gelato, and take in some live impromptu music at one of Dubrovnik’s many cozy restaurants and romantic outdoor seating spots.

All In all Dubrovnik has it all for your Perfect Days in Croatia!