Enjoy a perfect day on Vis

Considered as a pearl among the many Adriatic islands in Croatia, island Vis remains untouched.. so expect truly awe inspiring natural beauty that would make you want to stay for longer than you planned.  Unspoiled beauty would be the perfect description for the island of Vis.  Though it is a lot farther from the mainland compared to other Croatian islands, you will find that it is worth the travel for the amazing experiences you will take home with you.  The Island of Vis will leave you breathless. The island features natural vegetation that includes fragrant pine trees, carob trees, and other exotic plant species.  A big part of it is dedicated to vineyards so Vis island is quite famous for its white wine known to the locals as Vugava. Their red wine, Plavac Mali is also quite popular. Vis is a less busy tourist destination so if you are not very fond of hustling with crowds, this could be your perfect spot.

Vis is also famous for its Hollywood musicals and many scenes from “Mama Mia Here We Go Again” were shot on location here.

Vis Town.  Just walking around the old town would make your experience in island of Vis a magical one.

Enjoy a coffee or tea at one of the many cafes or a gelato at one of the many ice cream shops as you observe beautiful sunsets or walk to the markets and treat yourself to some locally grown fruits. You will also find plenty of unique shops on its streets.  The buildings are much older and the streets feature a unique Croatian charm. Beautiful scenes await you when you walk on streets of old town of Vis.

Archeological Museum. This museum is a prime historic attraction surrounded by fortifications evident of the Habsburg presence in the mid 1800s. Within this battery is the Archeological Museum which is home to important archeological finds from 4000 BC during the time that Dionysus the Elder established his colony in the town. If you visit the museum, make sure to take a look at the bronze head of Artemis who is the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Tito Cave.  As mentioned in the story of this Croatian island, the World War II leader, Tito built his headquarters in a cave down the mountains of Vis. Tito and his partisans conducted many of their arrangements in the cave for several months in 1943.

They held important meetings, planned their attacks, and devised strategies in this headquarter. You will see that the site is not very polished which makes it more authentic and really takes you back to the old times.

Fort George. You will find the magnificent old Fort George in the town of Vis.

Fort George was named after King George of the English who built it in the Napoleonic times. Inside the fort is a nice open air bar called the Sunset Bar & Club where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail at sunset.

The bar features live music as well as local acts, and Fort George also features local shows modern art and exhibitions. There is also restaurant in the art gallery where you can dine.

Blue Cave (Blue Grotto) is located on nearby island of Biševo which is a breathtakingly blue grotto and is one of the most famous attractions in Vis. It is best to visit the Blue cave at noon, which is known as the “manana” or nap time because of a natural phenomenon that occurs in its waters. As the sun reaches its peak, the Blue cave becomes flooded in blue light offering truly magical view.

Stiniva bay and beach on Vis Island is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in Croatia. This tiny shingle beach, situated at southern shores of the island is framed by the iconic tall cliffs cut deep into the narrow bay. This unspoiled south coast of the island is opened to high seas where erosion formed this beautiful landscape. Since the 1960s, Stiniva bay is a protected significant landscape with the intention to preserve its original look and feel.

Island Vis has some of the best accommodations and dining Croatia has to offer.

Choose from one of many beautiful seaside rental options or stay at at a boutique luxury hotel. Hotel San Giorgio, Apartments Vis Talez, and Kuca Visoka are just a few of the options.

As for dining, experience wonderful local cuisine at Dida luca, Frutarija Vis, Fort George, and Villa Kaliora.

 All In all Island Vis has it all for your Perfect Days in Croatia!